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We understand the stress and pressure involved in having an estate sale. Whether it is due to down-sizing, death of a loved one, divorce or moving into a retirement home. We offer reliable and friendly service from beginning to end. We will do our very best to cater to your needs and make this process as simple possible.

A Sense to Save Estate Sales

We offer competitive rates.

You don't pay us anything out of your pocket!


  • Free consultation.
  • We pull goods out of closets, cabinets, attics and garages.
  • We organize and stage household appropriately.
  • We individually price all items. Items are priced according to market value. If at any time, we feel the need to contact a third party for an appraisal we will do so at our expense.
  • We conduct the sale within 1-3 day(s) depending on the size of the sale.
  • Our sale dates are very organized and professional. We have enough staff to ensure quality customer service, as well as to maintain a secure environment for the safety and security of the home and goods for sale.
  • Once the sale is completed we offer a haul away service. We will take any unsold household furnishings to a local Goodwill charity. *If necessary, for an additional fee, we also offer a dump removal service for any extensive rubbish that needs to be removed.*
  • Once the sale is complete within 10 days we will send you a complete itemized list of items sold, as well as your check.